An aerial view of the hedges in the Tudor Garden at Hamilton Gardens

Photoshoots and Filming at Hamilton Gardens

Hamilton Gardens is a renowned international attraction, and it offers a captivating backdrop for filming, photography, and drone shots. Our location is a photographer's dream. From the classical elegance of the Italian Renaissance Garden to the whimsical charm of the Surrealist Garden, there's a perfect location to match any project's aesthetic.

Hamilton Gardens has served as a filming location for commercials, documentaries, feature films, and music videos, captivating audiences with its diverse landscapes and timeless beauty. 

Keen to shoot at Hamilton Gardens?

If you're wanting to have a photoshoot in the Enclosed Gardens you'll need to: 

  • Decide whether you require a partial or full closure of one of the gardens (note there will be associated costs) 
  • Get written permission from Hamilton Airport if you're doing drone photography or filming 
  • Decide whether you need access to additional facilities (note an additional cost may apply)
  • Submit a request form to confirm your requirements, check availability and confirm associated costs 

Flying a drone at Hamilton Gardens

Hamilton Gardens is under the flight path for the air ambulance so the Hamilton Airport Control Tower has requirements for flying kites and drones at Hamilton Gardens.  

Drones require written permission from the control tower at Hamilton Airport. You can do this online through

Permission from the Air Control Tower must be provided to Hamilton Gardens staff before approval can be given, to avoid conflict with other bookings or photography shoots.

For more information please visit the Hamilton City Council unmanned aircraft/drone webpage.

View more details on the CAA's rules

A newlywed couple embracing in the pagoda in the Japanese Garden of Contemplation

Capture your unforgettable day with Wedding or Civil Ceremony photos

You can arrange a photoshoot by in our Enclosed Gardens for your bridal party photography.

  • $150 for wedding photographer and bridal party
  • Subject to availability
  • Bookings are essential
  • Gardens will still be open to the public
  • Individual gardens can also be hired for that extra level of exclusivity