An eco-enthusiast’s dream come to life. Visit the Sustainable Backyard Garden and be inspired to transform your own yard.

Our Sustainable backyard garden may be one of our smallest gardens, but it is full of big ideas. It shows how a regular backyard can be transformed into a productive, edible garden without chemicals.

This is a learning garden that shows how a regular backyard can be transformed into a productive, edible garden that produces healthy food throughout the year. This garden emphasises the interdependence of all living things to maintain a healthy balance without using pesticides or fungicides. It features fruit trees, berries, vines, compost systems, worm farms, and even some roaming chickens.



Free entry

Best viewed: all seasons

9.00am - 5.00pm, last entry 4.30pm

Easily accessible

What you'll find in the Sustainable Backyard Garden

  • A small yet mighty edible gardenscape
  • Worm farms, chickens, composting areas, and other sustainable ideas
  • Inspiration to start your own eco-friendly sustainable garden.

Background of the Sustainable Backyard Garden

Imagine a backyard that's not just beautiful, but also eco-friendly and productive. This is the magic of the Sustainable Backyard, a haven designed to inspire and empower you to transform your own outdoor space.

Forget the typical suburban scene. The Sustainable Backyard showcases how your patch of green can become a thriving ecosystem, bursting with life and delicious possibilities.

Chickens happily cluck around, leaving behind valuable fertilizer as they move between garden beds. A dedicated worm farm munches on kitchen scraps, while composting bins work their magic, turning waste into nutrient-rich soil. Fruit trees, berry bushes, and climbing vines add pops of colour and flavour, offering a bounty throughout the seasons.

As you explore the Sustainable Backyard Garden, you'll discover the key principles of sustainable gardening:

  • Multifunctional magic: every element serves a purpose, maximising space and resources. think vertical gardens utilising fences and walls, or companion planting that benefits both flowers and vegetables.
  • No space left unused: from ground level to sky-high, every inch is put to good use. Vertical gardens climb upwards, while pathways are often designed with herbs or edible flowers growing between the stones.
  • Nature's recycling centre: waste becomes a valuable resource. Kitchen scraps nourish the worm farm and compost bins, while chicken manure provides natural fertiliser for the plants.
  • A symphony of sustainability: recycled materials like old tires and pallets find new life as garden features, reducing waste and saving money.
  • Year-round bounty: a diverse mix of annual and perennial plants ensures a continuous harvest throughout the seasons, offering fresh, homegrown produce all year long.
  • Crop rotation rhythm: vegetable beds follow a strategic rotation plan, promoting healthy soil and preventing pest problems.
  • Nature's helping hands: animals like bees, chickens, worms, and insects play a vital role in the garden ecosystem, fostering pollination, decomposition, and natural pest control. 
  • Mimicking nature's wisdom: each element within the garden strives to replicate the harmonious balance found in natural systems, promoting biodiversity and resilience.

The Sustainable Backyard Garden is not just a showcase: it's an invitation. By learning from its design principles, you can transform your own backyard into a haven of sustainability, productivity, and beauty. So step into this inspiring space, discover the secrets of eco-friendly gardening, and unleash the potential of your own backyard oasis.

Ready to create your own eco-garden? Inspiration awaits at the Sustainable Backyard Garden.

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