Step into a garden of whimsical charm and exotic allure with the Chinoiserie Garden.

With The Chinoiserie Garden is designed to reflect an age gone-by when the west was fascinated by the beauty and artistry of Eastern Asia.

A garden from an age of western fascination with all things oriental. Chinoiserie was a major trend in 17th-century decorative arts in Europe and America inspired by Chinese goods arriving on new trade routes from the east. At the heart of the garden sits the Chinoiserie Pavilion, copied from a design built in an English garden in 1738.



Free entry

Best viewed: Sep – Feb (Spring, Summer)

9.00am - 5.00pm, last entry 4.30pm

Easily accessible

Colourful blooms

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What you'll find in the Chinoiserie Garden

  • Asian-inspired gardens and winding pathways
  • A pavilion closely modelled on the ‘Chinese House’ at Stowe Gardens
  • Illustrative paintings inspired by 17 and 18th century life.

Background of the Chinoiserie Garden

Step into a realm of whimsical charm and exotic allure at the Chinoiserie Garden in Hamilton Gardens. This captivating space reflects a bygone era, when Western imagination was captivated by the beauty and artistry of East Asia.

The Chinoiserie style, flourishing in 17th and 18th-century Europe and America, drew inspiration from the influx of exquisite goods like silk, porcelain, and lacquerware from the East. These exotic treasures sparked a creative frenzy, leading Western artisans to reinterpret East Asian art and design through their own lens.

The Chinoiserie Garden embodies this spirit of creative reinterpretation. The pavilion, closely modelled after the "Chinese House" at Stowe Gardens, stands as a testament to this fascination. Its ornate details and unique architecture evoke a fantastical vision of East Asia, filtered through Western sensibilities.

The Chinoiserie theme extends throughout the garden, evident in the elegant Bottle Gate and the distinctive Chinoiserie seats. Each element is meticulously crafted to transport visitors to a world of imagined grandeur and cultural intrigue.

The Chinoiserie Garden is more than just a historical homage, it's a whimsical escape from the ordinary.

Immerse yourself in its enchanting atmosphere, and be swept away by the allure of East Asia in the Chinoiserie Garden.

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