An artist's impression of the forecourt at Hamilton Gardens

Welcoming a new era

Enhanced visitor experience: Get ready for a transformed arrival experience! We're constructing a brand-new Visitor Centre, upgraded venue spaces, and a welcoming entry point to the Enclosed Gardens. Completion is expected by Spring 2024. 

Uninterrupted access: While construction is underway, you can still access the Enclosed Gardens through the English Flower Garden. Temporary visitor services, including maps and mobility scooter rentals, are available at our portacom. The Hamilton Gardens Café and outer areas like the Rose Garden and Children's Playground remain open.

Thank you for your patience: We appreciate your understanding as we work diligently to complete construction swiftly and safely.

Project background

This exciting development is part of the Hamilton City Council's 10-Year Plan and the $12 million Hamilton Gardens Development Project. Funded by Council, the Visitor Precinct project includes a goal to secure $5M funding externally.

The project also includes the creation of four new themed gardens: Ancient Egyptian, Medieval, Pasifika, and Baroque. Completed components include new toilet facilities, the Hamilton Club summerhouse, and the Palm Court.


Investing in the future

The new Visitor Centre will enable the processing of paid entry into the gardens and help manage the volume of visitors the gardens attract during the peak summer months. This revenue will be reinvested in the gardens, ensuring continued enhancements and enriching visitor experiences. For more information about new paid entry fee and who is applies to, please visit our ticket information page. 


Benefits of the new development

Further development

Our development journey continues! Our future development program adds three captivating themed gardens to the existing collection, linked by courtyard and paths. 

A shelter in the middle of the Pasifika Garden

Pasifika Garden

Immerse yourself in the vibrant flora of the South Pacific islands

The Pasifika Garden will display plants from the South Pacific islands and their closest equivalents. In the centre, a Samoan Fale Afalau shelter will provide an event or teaching space as well as screen the upper glass structure. Within a jungle setting productive plants would be grown such as the: yam, talo, ta’amu, sweet potato, arrowroot, sugar cane, ti, paper mulberry, pandanus, taro, banana, breadfruit; possibly the kava and coconut showing their use and cultivation.

A view between the columns of the Medieval Garden at Hamilton Gardens

Medieval Garden

Step back in time to the cloistered courtyards of the Middle Ages

From the fall of the Roman empire through to the 16th century, a distinctive form of medieval garden was the monastic, cloistered courtyard. The structure of the courts in this example are based on the ruins of St John of the Hermits Monastery in Sicily. One court is a simple Cloister Garth, which was a form of courtyard generally used by the monks for prayer and contemplation. The other is an Apothecary’s Garden, which supported the healing of the sick in a monastic hospital.

Looking out over the pond towards the house at the Baroque Theatre Garden at Hamilton Gardens

Baroque Garden

Experience the grandeur of European royalty through this dramatic theatrical garden

During the 18th and 19th centuries, European royalty developed dramatic theatrical gardens that included the elements of stage set design. These gardens weren’t just used for theatrical events, they provided a setting for important people to dress up in expensive clothes and powdered wigs and to be seen. This German or Austrian form will feature a Rococo / Baroque façade, large reflecting pool and two sculptural groups. This garden design has a direct association with classical music, linking it to the arts inspired theme of the Fantasy Collection.

Join the legacy

Hamilton Gardens thrives on the unwavering support of its community. For over four decades, local groups and trusts have played a vital role in transforming a former landfill into an award-winning paradise.

You too can contribute to the ongoing development of Hamilton Gardens! To discuss how you can get involved please contact us.

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters

We are also grateful for the donations we have received from:

  • Members of the former Hamilton Club (2017)
  • Vibrant Hamilton Trust
  • E.B Firth Charitable Trust
  • Sir Miles Warren
  • Bernie and Kaye Crosby via Momentum Waikato Community Foundation

  • David and Rae Braithwaite
  • Jon and Sue Tanner via Momentum Waikato Community Foundation
  • Bernice and Jenny Screech
  • The Maber Family
  • John and Glenice Gallagher

  • Glenn and Catherine Holmes
  • Richard and Jan Seabrook
  • Richard and Sheryl Trench
  • The Fraser Family
  • Julie, Kate, and Ken Williamson via Momentum Waikato Community Foundation