Uncover the delights of 18 beautiful and inspiring gardens, each with stories spanning 4,000 years. From Ancient Egypt to a 21-century Concept Garden, journey from the surreal to the serene at New Zealand's most spectacular gardens.
Hamilton Gardens is a must-see attraction all year around, offering 45 hectares of gardens and parklands to explore.

Stroll from delightful to delectable

Beyond our stunning garden attractions, Hamilton Gardens offers much more to explore. Enjoy our playground, browse our gift shop, and relax at the onsite Café. Discover an impressive array of historic sculptures and points of interest with cultural, social or political significance, all scattered throughout Hamilton Gardens.

Governor’s Green

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Hamilton Gardens Café

Complete your Hamilton Gardens experience with a delicious meal at the café.
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Hamilton Gardens Shop

Take home a unique treasure as a memento of your Hamilton Gardens experience with a visit to our charming shop.
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Hamilton Gardens Playground

This modern playground offers fun and exploration for children of all ages.
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River Riders

Cycle the Mighty Waikato Te Awa by hiring a bike from River Riders depot at Hamilton Gardens which you can access from the Camellia Carpark, Gate 2, Hamilton.
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Earth Blanket Sculpture

Standing tall at the entrance to Hamilton Gardens, Nga Uri o Hinetuparimaunga (meaning "the earth blanket of Hinetuparimaunga") is a powerful symbol of protection, respect, and connection to the land.
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Hillside Lawn

Located beside the Gate 1 carpark is a beautiful slope for picnicking, recreational activities that erupts into a cascading blaze of golden daffodils each year.
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Russian Log Bell Tower

The Russian Log Bell Tower stands as a testament to cultural exchange and meticulous craftsmanship.
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Little Bull

Pushing boundaries and challenging conventional art, ‘Little Bull’ reflects the public’s evolving perspectives on art and its appreciation for diversity in artistic style.
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Women's Suffrage Pavilion

Nestled amidst the verdant embrace of the Valley Walk in Hamilton Gardens, the Suffrage Pavilion stands as a symbol of women's suffrage and a tranquil space for reflecting on women's empowerment, cultural heritage, and the enduring pursuit of equality.
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Wood Carving Mural Wall

Enter the Pavilion to view a wonderful mural carved in wood that celebrates the magic of Hamilton Gardens.
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Time Court

This in-ground sundial is a recreation of a Pelekinon developed by the Ancient Greeks to measure time, Time Court at Hamilton Gardens can be used as both a clock and a calendar - as long as the weather is sunny!
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The Huddleston Airship

Hamilton Garden’s most innovative piece of gardening equipment.
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