Lush productive gardens bloom at the delectable Kitchen Garden.

The walled Kitchen Garden is a typical food garden from one of the great European estates of the 18th and 19th centuries. Its heat-trapping walls enable a wide variety of fruit trees to flourish. The vegetables grown in its raised beds would have fed the staff and family of the household. Our harvest goes to a local food charity to help nourish Waikato families.



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9.00am - 5.00pm, last entry 4.30pm

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What you'll find in the Kitchen Gardens

  • Lush vegetables paired with juicy fruit trees
  • Meticulously planned plots of fresh vegetables
  • Fresh diverse produce with a warm walled backdrop.

Background of the Kitchen Gardens

Imagine a haven of fresh flavours, a walled paradise bursting with vibrant vegetables, fragrant herbs, and juicy fruits. This is the captivating world of the Kitchen Garden at Hamilton Gardens. These historical gems, with their intricate designs and rich past, offer a glimpse into a time when food was not just sustenance, but an art form.

The story of kitchen gardens stretches back centuries, with the ancient Egyptians being among the first to cultivate these walled sanctuaries. Imagine stepping into their meticulously planned plots, where irrigation channels snaked between vibrant checkerboards of lettuces, radishes, and cucumbers.

Fast forward to the Romans, whose sophisticated kitchen gardens boasted an impressive array of culinary delights. From 12 varieties of cabbage to 11 types of lettuce, these gardens were a testament to their love for fresh, diverse produce.

However, during the medieval times, the availability of fresh produce declined in many parts of Europe. Thankfully, the Tudor era saw a revival of kitchen gardens, with walls transforming from defensive structures to scenic vantage points. Flowers even began to peek around the edges, adding a touch of playful charm.

The 18th and 19th centuries witnessed the peak of kitchen garden design. Imagine meticulously organised squares and rectangles, each section dedicated to specific crops, often nestled within raised beds for optimal growth.

But kitchen gardens were more than just rows of vegetables. Fruit walls, constructed from sun-absorbing brick, provided the perfect microclimate for delicate fruits like peaches and apricots. Crop rotation and the use of green crops, ensured healthy soil and kept pesky pests at bay. And ponds, nestled within the garden walls, offered a source of softened water for irrigation during dry spells.

While maintaining these havens required dedication, the rewards were plentiful. Fresh, seasonal produce graced tables, offering a sustainable and delicious way to nourish families and communities.

Today, the Kitchen Garden at Hamilton Gardens stands as a testament to this rich tradition. Immerse yourself in its historical charm, discover the secrets of sustainable gardening, and perhaps even be inspired to cultivate your own edible paradise. So, step into the world of kitchen gardens, and unlock a delicious chapter in history.

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