Be inspired by the fascinating features of the Sustainable Garden at Hamilton Gardens this Spring.

Nestled within the heart of Hamilton Gardens lies a showcase of how an ordinary backyard can evolve into a thriving, edible haven providing organic produce all year round. From comprehensive composting systems to mobile chicken coops, get ready to uncover how this garden embodies sustainable living.

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Why the Kitchen Garden at Hamilton Gardens is great to visit in Spring time.

Explore a living piece of history at Hamilton Gardens' Kitchen Garden, which transports visitors to the charm of European estate gardens from the 18th and 19th centuries. Encircled by sun-warmed brick walls, discover how its bounty isn't just for show but is shared with the community, delve into the symbolism, from a whimsical sculpture named Strawman to the native residents like the native tui and fantails. This garden beckons with stories waiting to be explored.

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A visual delight awaits at Rogers Rose Garden

Many visitors to Hamilton Gardens are keen to see flowers and in late spring and summer, Rogers Rose Garden showcases plenty of beautiful roses in a variety of colours and varieties.

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Top tips for making the most of your visit to Hamilton Gardens

After a long, wet winter, spring and summer are popular times for many people to visit (or re-visit) Hamilton Gardens. Sometimes the Enclosed Gardens can be too crowded for you to fully enjoy your visit so here are our top tips to ensure you make the most of your next visit.

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