Upcoming Productive Collection gardens

Each of the gardens in our Productive Collection address aspects of the relationship between people and plants.

From the herbs used by the early New Zealand colonists to a modern form of sustainable gardening, the Productive Collection showcases the edible beauty of cultivated food crops throughout history.

Currently under development is the Pasifika Garden which will grow plants of economic significance to the Pacific Islands, and the Ancient Egyptian Garden which marks the starting point of 4,000 years of gardening depicted at Hamilton Gardens.

Under development for the Productive Collection

 Pasifika Garden

A tall glasshouse will enclose the Pasifika Garden, a microclimate showcasing productive plants from the South Pacific: yam, talo, ta’amu, sweet potato, arrowroot, sugar cane, ti, paper mulberry, pandanus, taro, banana, breadfruit and possibly the kava and coconut.

It will also feature a Samoan fale afalau (shelter). Interpretation in the entrance foyer will explain the use and cultivation of these plants and their place in South Pacific cultures.

Ancient Egyptian Garden

Although much is known historically about these famous gardens of the ancient world, the experts consulted think this version at Hamilton Gardens will be the first time anyone has tried to recreate one.

It will be set within a high walled courtyard with a central step pool and colourful pergolas to provide shade.The designers have been surprised at the wide range of plants used by the ancient Egyptians, most having some form of religious significance or productive use.

We are also adding two further gardens to our Fantasy Garden collection.