Upcoming Productive Collection gardens

Each of the gardens in our Productive Collection address aspects of the relationship between people and plants.

From the herbs used by the early New Zealand colonists to a modern form of sustainable gardening, the Productive Collection showcases the edible beauty of cultivated food crops throughout history.

Currently under development is the Pacifika Garden which will grow plants of economic significance to the Pacific Islands, and the Ancient Egyptian Garden which marks the starting point of 4,000 years of gardening depicted at Hamilton Gardens.

Under development for the Productive Collection

 Pasifika Garden

The existing Tropical House will display plants from the South Pacific islands and their closest equivalents. In the centre, a Samoan Fale Afalau shelter would provide an event or teaching space as well as screen the upper glass structure.

Within a jungle setting productive plants would be grown such as the: yam, talo, ta’amu, sweet potato, arrowroot, sugar cane, ti, paper mulberry, pandanus, taro, banana, breadfruit; possibly the kava and coconut showing their use and cultivation.

Ancient Egyptian Garden

This is a recreation of an Ancient Egyptian garden representing one of the very first-known decorative garden traditions from around 2000 BC. In the larger domestic Egyptian gardens, symmetrical courtyards were surrounded by mud brick walls featuring vine-covered pergolas for summer shade. Vegetables were grown in beds beside a central rectangular step pool.

While we know what the gardens looked like, no one appears to have recreated one. So, for the first time in 4,000 years you’ll be able to step into this very ancient and sophisticated world.

We are also adding two further gardens to our Fantasy Garden collection.