Rogers Rose Garden

The Rogers Rose Garden tells the story of the development of the modern rose through a series of themed areas that each focuses on a different aspect.


The themed areas of the Rogers Rose Garden include:

  • the species rose;
  • the Malmaison roses of Empress Josephine;
  • the development of the first hybrid tea by Jean-Baptiste Andre Guillot;
  • the ‘Peace’ rose, Mme Meilland and its descendants; and
  • recent cultivars, including past and present winners of the New Zealand Rose of the Year trials.

Pacific Rose Bowl Festival

The Pacific Rose Bowl Festival takes place at Hamilton Gardens every November under the Pacific Accord of Friendship – which also incorporates rose gardens in Adelaide, California and Japan. The legendary New Zealand rose breeder Dr Sam McGredy initiated the friendship affiliation with the common objective of promoting roses worldwide.

The four-day festival is centered around the New Zealand Rose of the Year trial. Unlike most other rose competitions around the world which are judged by experts, the New Zealand Rose of the Year has been judged by the public since 2004. Festival visitors are invited to choose their five favourites from around 80 entries.

Competition classes include Best New Zealand Raised Rose, Best Hybrid Tea Rose, Best Climbing Rose, Best Floribunda, Most Fragrant Rose and the Children’s Choice Award. The overall winner wins the prestigious New Zealand Rose of the Year Award. 

Winners of the New Zealand Rose of the Year Award

Check out the gallery below to view the previous winners of the New Zealand Rose of the Year Award: