Why Hamilton Gardens is the perfect place for a great photo

Top gardens at Hamilton Gardens for photos

Looking for the best secret spots in Hamilton Gardens for your Instagram or photoshoot? There’s so many to choose from. 

Hamilton Gardens is a favourite for photographers, offering a captivating backdrop for filming, photography, and drone shots. 

From the stunning, romantic vibes of the Italian Renaissance Garden, to the vibrant, majestic Indian Char Bagh, Hamilton Gardens has plenty of architectural features and inspiring spaces for your special event or Instagram selfie.

Immerse yourself in a diverse collection of 18 Enclosed Gardens, each providing a unique and visually stunning setting to bring your creative vision to life. 

Capture the moment at these top 5 gardens 

Hamilton Gardens’ diverse garden settings, offers so many opportunities for creative experimentation, from playful poses amidst whimsical sculptures to elegant portraits next to cascading fountains. 

Here are our top 5 photo locations at Hamilton Gardens:

#1 Capture the majestic Indian Charbagh Garden

Marvel at the vibrant hues of the Indian Charbagh Garden, a Mughal-inspired paradise featuring symmetrical layouts, flowing water channels, and colourful seasonal plantings.

Best time to visit? Spring or summer, where the vibrant blooms are at their peak, and offer a stunning contrast amongst the cream-coloured walls and trickling fountains.

A view of the Italian Renaissance Garden overlooking the fountain

#2 Romantic vibes in the Italian Renaissance Garden

Imagine a garden inspired by ancient myths, hidden surprises, and geometric perfection. That's the world of Italian Renaissance gardens, bursting with fascinating history and clever design. 

Capture the moment with a statues of a Roman hero alongside vibrant flower beds, and the clear blue waterways providing the perfect backdrop in a unique blend of old and new.

View from the pagoda in the Japanese Garden of Contemplation in the autumn

Tranquillity personified in the Japanese Garden of Contemplation

A traditional minimalistic raked gravel garden with meticulously positioned rocks provide the perfect photoshoot location for portrait and landscape photography. 

The Japanese Garden of Contemplation has a zen-like garden lake with a bubbling waterfall, a tranquil spot that’s a favourite for budding photographers. Autumn is a great time to grab a snap here with the beautiful changing colours.

Looking from the table and across the bridge at Hamilton Gardens' Chinese Scholars Garden

#4 The perfect balance of yin and yang in the Chinese Scholars Garden

The Chinese Scholas Garden boasts a bamboo forest, moon gateway and statues adorning with vibrant reds and greens providing the perfect moment to capture with photography. 

See if you can spot the swimming koi goldfish in its serene pond and take a photo of the lovely views across the gardens to the Waikato River from the traditional red Ting Pavillion. 

A large wooden door set into a hedge wall

Transport your followers by capturing the dreamlike escape in Hamilton Garden’s Surrealist Garden. 

With perspective shifts providing a captivating moment, giant tools, moving trees, strange shapes, and a lawn that appears to have fluttered down from the sky like a discarded sheet of paper, this garden is a completely unique experience, unlike any other in the world. The big white door in this garden is an iconic photo spot.

So, grab your camera and get ready to capture memories at the Hamilton Gardens.  This haven of beauty offers the perfect backdrop for your next unforgettable photos.

Perfect photography spots for family photoshoots, weddings and birthdays

Whether you’re taking family portraits, unique weddings, engagement shoots, corporate photography or simply capturing a birthday moment – the breathtaking, award-winning Hamilton Gardens provides the perfect background for any occasion. 

Photographers know the importance of natural light, and Hamilton Gardens delivers in abundance.

The romantic ambience across Hamilton Gardens is perfect for couple’s photoshoots, while the interactive elements and open spaces are ideal for capturing children's laughter and curiosity.

With plenty of open spaces and thoughtfully positioned structures, Hamilton Gardens provides the perfect light throughout the day, whether you prefer soft dappled morning light, dramatic afternoon shadows, or the golden glow of sunset. 

Hamilton Gardens’ diverse landscapes provide a picturesque backdrop for capturing the magic of your day. With the option to book a private garden for photography, or taking photos in our flower-filled outer spaces, Hamilton Gardens is the perfect place for your wedding photography in every season. 

The photo possibilities are endless, and we know you’ll find the perfect shot for your special occasion.  

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