Hamilton Gardens open as usual

Following the exciting news that New Zealand has elminated the threat of Covid-19, Hamilton Gardens and all its facilities are now open as usual.

The Enclosed Gardens have returned to their usual winter hours, open daily from 7.30am to 5.30pm, with no contact tracing requirements. The one-way system around the gardens has been removed - no more fencing, cones, or extra signage! There is a site-specific QR code located at the entrance so visitors can self-track their movements if they wish.

The only exceptions are the Indian Char Bagh Garden and Chinoiserie Garden which remain closed for maintenance. We missed the usual turnover date when all seasonal plantings are refreshed in the Indian Char Bagh Garden and the Municipal Nursery is working to restock the flowers which didn’t survive the lockdown period. In the meantime, the team have taken advantage of this rare closure period to do biofumigation to improve the soil quality in the flower beds, plus some much needed re-painting work, and the Chinoiserie Garden’s lawn is overdue for renovation.

We're excited to be offering guided tours again and are looking forward to many more people discovering the secrets of Hamilton Gardens.


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