Hamilton City Council 10-Year-Plan

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June 2018

Hamilton City Council’s new 2018-2028 10-year plan was adopted at the end of June. The Council decided not to introduce an entry charge for non-Hamilton residents but did approve the next stage of gardens development. The full 10-year development program will be dependant on the Hamilton Gardens Development Trust raising $15 million over 10 years. 

The Council approved a contribution of $10 million over the 10-year period which will be raised by a $10 targeted rate on all city ratepayers in year 1 of the 10-year plan, increasing by $1 per year, reaching $19 in year 10. This is expected to raise $9.5 million. It anticipates the collection of on-site donations of at least $50,000 each year for the 10 years will provide the remaining $500,000.

The Hamilton Gardens Development Trust will present their proposal for a Gardens Development Plan to Council for consideration before the end of 2018. The Council will consider adopting Peter Sergel’s 2017 strategic proposal to complete the gardens within the same timeframe.

For more information visit the Hamilton City Council 10-Year-Plan website