Friends crucial for Mansfield Garden project

1 February 2016

Special mention needs to be made of the role that the Friends of Hamilton Gardens are playing in this big project led by their chairperson Marilyn Yeoman.

The Friends' particular focus is on supporting the development of the Mansfield Garden. They're already well advanced in raising $100,000 for the Lily Pond Lawn. Recently they held an evening of lectures on Katherine Mansfield and organised the very successful Mansfield Garden Party - primarily to raise public awareness about the project.

They have also recently decided to raise another $50,000 for the sculptural elements on the Mansfield Garden tennis court. This includes features described in her story 'The Garden Party': a marquee, and tables full of food and drink (that must survive for many years in all weathers).

Along with all of that, they are sponsoring a bronze scarecrow for the Kitchen Garden that is being imported from England which we hope it will be here in time to unveil at the Friends' annual Scarecrow Festival in late October.


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