Study Grant - Dr Peter Sergel

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Last year Peter Sergel received the Royal Arch Masonic Centennial Award for overseas travel and research. 

You can’t apply for this particular grant. Every two years the committee responsible looks around the country for what they think will be an overseas study investment that will benefit NZ. So while this was awarded to an individual, they have essentially recognised the national significance and potential of Hamilton Gardens.

Peter undertook this study trip in May and June 2018 visiting gardens, specialist libraries, museums and universities. One focus of the trip was learning more about the next group of gardens including the: Ancient Egyptian, European Picturesque, German Baroque, Medieval, Roman, English Landscape and French Parterre gardens. This involved trips to Egypt, England, France, Germany and Austria. He also met a number of garden managers to learn how some of the leading gardens in England, Singapore and America operate and address different issues. Towards the end of the trip, he presented a paper on Hamilton Gardens at an American Public Garden Conference.