Council's biggest ever engagement

Friday 5 March 2021

Hamilton City Council has pushed ‘go’ on its most comprehensive community engagement campaign ever.

Today Council formally shares its 2021-31 draft Long-Term Plan with the community, asking people what they think of proposals that in some instances have been years in the making.

The draft Plan, which is reviewed and updated every three years, proposes to spend $3.7 billion over 10 years on ‘everyday’ costs of running the city – such as rubbish, roads and community facilities. There’s also $2.5 billion of proposed capital funding to look after existing assets (like playgrounds and footpaths), build new infrastructure (like intersections and water pipes) and for new community projects (like libraries and parks). 

Council also wants feedback on 11 projects costing more than $146 million, ranging from major intersection upgrades to a new way to fund creative endeavours. Projects directly related to Hamilton Gardens include building a second boat jetty and charging for car parking at Hamilton Gardens.

All up, Council is proposing an 8.9% average annual rate increase in 2021/22. Of that, 4.5% would be ring-fenced to pay for government compliance costs mainly related to water and a review of the city’s District Plan.

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