New shed for Wintec and more yard for us

As Hamilton Gardens has grown, so has the quantity of equipment that needs to be stored securely and conveniently, out of sight from everyday visitors.

This was overcome to some extent by placing small tool sheds behind some of the theme gardens. But even with this addition, there just wasn’t space to store most maintenance equipment out of the weather - and as more gardens are added the lack of space was only going to get worse.

There was really only one direction in which our maintenance yard could expand and that was into the Wintec demonstration yard. So an agreement was reached to reduce their lease area and take over one of the sheds previously used for their horticultural education courses. In return, we’ve built them a new storage area and covered work area. That work has now been completed and the additional Hamilton Gardens maintenance shed is now in full use.

New shed for Wintec students Plan of the maintenance yard area

Most of this year’s development work has been held up through the long Resource Consent process. The consent has now finally been approved and the main civil works contract is now underway. The successful tenderers were John Carter Constructors and Michell Construction. This first stage of civil work will involve earthwork, underground services, foundations, and tilt slab walls.

We’ll also be constructing another toilet block, which has been substantially funded by the Government’s Tourist Infrastructure Fund.


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