Find the features on the blocks


Can you find the beehive? The bees are busy making honey up there.

Hint: You can find it in a garden that teaches kiwis how to live sustainably. There is also a very hard couch in this garden.

Answer: The beehive is located here.


Can you find the birdhouse? Home to the white birds in the White Garden, which is alongside a beautiful flower garden.

Hint: You will also find a rectangular lily pond in this garden.

Answer: The birdhouse is located here.

Blue Bridge

You will need to walk over the Blue Bridge to continue on as you go through a lush and exotic garden with palms and Birds of Paradise.

Hint: You will find this garden through one of the doorways in the Time Court. The vertical garden wall has more than 4,000 pockets housing individual plants set above the pool.

Answer: The Blue Bridge is located here.


This statue of an animal is sitting quietly and very still up on a lawn near the Victorian Display Houses.

Hint: You will need to go up hill to get here!

Answer: The bull is located here.

Abdul Kabul’s house

Go and visit Adbul Kabul! He may not be home as he is a very busy wizard, but he always knows when you’ve stopped by to say 'hi'.

Hint: Head to our Destination Playground. Make sure you are very careful and look both ways when you cross the road.

Answer: Abdul Kabul’s House is located near here.


Can you spot the airship peeking over a wall? It delivers flowers and compost to our gardens.

Hint: Go to the garden where you will find vegetables growing. 

Answer: The airship can be seen over the wall from this garden.

Alice in Wonderland sculpture

Find Alice who is sipping on tea with her friends.

Hint: She is waiting for you near the sundial in our Time Court.

Answer: Alice is located near here.

Aurora the chook

Aurora is playing hide and seek with you! Can you spot her in our gardens?

Hint: Her favourite place to hide is somewhere near her home. Her home is very close to the Beehive.

Answer: Aurora the Chook is located here.


Tea anyone? Can you remember where the teapot is?

Hint: Alice knows where the teapot lives.

Answer: The teapot is located near here.

Te Parapara Garden

Hunt for the Whatarangi! A whatarangi is a raised storehouse.

Hint: When you spot the carved entranceway, you are close.

Answer: The Te Parapara Garden is located here.


Find the tunnel that connects two areas of our Renaissance era garden.

Hint: Look for a large fountain with a large statue of a lady in the middle of it.

Answer: The tunnel is located here.


If you were a turtle, where would you like to live?

Hint: There is a lake near Hamilton Gardens Café named after us, try there.

Answer: The turtles are located near here.

Salamagundi’s Secret Door

Can you find the Rhododrenon Lawn? 

Hint: “My very secret home is to be found up a pathway off the Rhododendren lawn. Knock on the door and see if I'm home.”

Answer: Salamagundi’s Secret Door is located near here.

Sea Serpent

Hunt for the Sea Serpent! He lives at the top of a green and white pole and has seven beastly neighbours.

Hint: His garden is made up of groomed hedges made to look like knots. There is a pudding house in the corner of this garden.

Answer: The sea serpent is located here.


This scarecrow travelled all the way from England. His home is also the home of many vegetables.

Hint: He is made of bronze. He's meant to scare birds. Does he scare you?

Answer: The scarecrow is located here.