Heart Healing Live

October 2015
Sat 10th



From 7pm to 9pm in the Hamilton Gardens Pavillion. 


$44 for an individual ticket and $33 each when you purchase multiple tickets (2-4 seats). 


Join the Empress for a night of joyful unfurling… Lysa has a gift for making heart healing magical, swift and smooth. Entering her presence begins a process of allowing your truth to surface, and old wounds untangle naturally as you find yourself in deep connection with light.

Lysa broke down at 23 when her 5th boyfriend broke up with her; she saw how her parent’s pattern of separation had become her life. Lost in binge eating, anxiety attacks and no longer able to hold down a job, Lysa was lost in emotional pain. Lysa attempted to numb, deny and suppress her heart ache, only causing it to escalate. She realized that she had nowhere else to go but within… As Rumi said, ‘Our wounds are where the light gets in.’ This breakdown, opened her to the light! Over the course of the next 5 years she was intuitively taught the 13 principles of emotional self-healing.

Within a year she had healed her own anxiety, and manifested true love. After two years she had healed her pattern of binge eating. After three years she trained as a Life Coach and began serving other women to heal their eating disorders. Healing allowed Lysa to open to a deep reservoir of self-love and self-acceptance. For the last 18 months Lysa has stepped into her true calling as a Heart Healer · Heart Coach guiding others to heal their own hearts and step into a deeper sense of freedom and joy.

For the first time in Hamilton, Lysa has created space for us to all gather together and find the joy and magic in the heart healing process. Participate as much or as little as you like. Come and unfurl in the light of healing truth.

Are you?

Feeling stuck in repeating patterns?
Unable to tolerate the same behaviours within yourself anymore?
Yearning for clarity around how you can heal your pain?
Reacting to the behaviour of others?
Wanting to find peace within?

Join Lysa for an inspiring evening of insight into the cause and purpose of heart pain. Learn and apply the practical heart healing steps that will allow you to deepen into your authentic truth, effortlessly untangle and walk away feeling a deep shift.

What you’ll get at Heart Healing LIVE?

  • Clarity around the purpose of heart pain
  • Understanding of how truth brings healing shifts
  • Experience a deep connection with light
  • Feel cocooned in an atmosphere of deep love and acceptance
  • Gather with like-minded souls all intent on receiving healing

Praise for Lysa:
“Time spent with Lysa was truly magical day. I will I never be the same again…. ” Ethel

“What a great experience it was attending an event ‘Heart Healing LIVE’ with Lysa Black… I have studied with many great teachers around the world… and was inspired seeing Lysa in action …the professional heartfelt way [Lysa] presents and holds the space while taking people to the deepest places… ” Diane

“Lysa is a powerful Empress who is in her true power. She can quickly help you find your pain, name it, shift it … This lady is amazing and her sense of humour is so much fun. I can’t get enough!” Natalie

“Lysa’s magical heart healing LIVE event was truly an amazing night. Lysa helped us all to feel our wounds and know our truth. There were tears and laughter and lots of hugs. Lysa is an amazing lady to work with and if you have a chance to attend one of her events you will walk away with profound insights about your beauty, magnificence and your undeniable truth.” Bronwyn

“What a blessing to sit in such a sacred, light-filled and supportive space where every woman was ready to step into her heart healing. The material and ideas… were easy to understand and communicated without pretense, with raw honesty, humour, and love. During the mini heart-healing sessions, Lysa demonstrated her ability to get directly, yet gently, to the underlying issues at hand, and lovingly help each woman unearth her deepest truth. It was wonderful to watch, and so encouraging.” Ebony

What: Hamilton Heart Healing LIVE
When: 7-9pm Saturday 10th October
Where: Hamilton Gardens Pavillion, Hungerford Crescent, Hamilton
Admission: $44 for an individual ticket, only $33 each when you purchase multiple tickets (2-4 seats). (Limited to 50 seats) * Registration closes on the 5th of October, while seats remain available.