Upcoming Fantasy Collection gardens

Gardeners have always been inspired by different forms of fantasy.

Eight gardens are to be developed in the Hamilton Gardens’ Fantasy Collection, focusing on different aspects of the arts from the Concept Garden to the elaborate designs in the Tudor Garden inspired by Celtic knot patterns.

Literature has inspired the Mansfield Garden which depicts the setting of Katherine Mansfield’s famous short story The Garden Party. The 18th century design craze for ‘the Orient’ informs the Chinoiserie Garden with its perfume bottle gate and richly decorated pavilion.

Most recently the Picturesque Garden (incorporating the journey within Mozart’s The Magic Flute opera) was opened on 4 November 2019, and the Surrealist Garden on 3 February 2020. Currently under construction for the Fantasy collection is the Baroque Garden. 

Each of these gardens support Hamilton Gardens’ internationally unique concept of telling the story of gardens.

Under development for the Fantasy Collection

Baroque Garden

During the 18th and 19th centuries, European royalty developed dramatic theatrical gardens that included the elements of stage set design. These gardens weren’t just used for theatrical events, they provided a setting for important people to dress up in expensive clothes and powdered wigs and to be seen.

This German or Austrian form will feature a Rococo / Baroque façade, large reflecting pool and two sculptural groups. This garden design has a direct association with classical music, linking it to the arts inspired theme of the Fantasy Collection. 

We are also adding three further gardens to our Productive Garden collection.