Management Plan

Creating a world class garden

Download: Hamilton Gardens Management Plan [PDF, 41 pages, 25MB]

The Hamilton Gardens site is made up of areas that were the East Town Belt, a former Rifle Range Reserve and the site of a closed city rubbish tip. Development of the site began in the 1960s, however the first comprehensive plan was not developed until the 1980s. This is the fourth review of the Hamilton Gardens Reserves Act Management Plan.

Te Haa o te whenua o Kirikiriroa (Council’s Mana whenua representatives) have described the Hamilton Gardens as the kete of Kirikiriroa, a basket that holds the story of gardens through the ages, from around the world for visitors to enjoy. Hamilton Gardens offers manaakitanga- the important concept of welcoming, hospitality and respect that we have for the many cultures reflected in our garden designs and that we share with local people and visitors from further afield.

Goals of Hamilton Gardens Management Plan

  • GOAL 1 To create a world class garden experience
  • GOAL 2 To improve the capacity and practical operation of the Hamilton Gardens site
  • GOAL 3 To enhance the value of Hamilton Gardens to the local community
  • GOAL 4 To protect and sustain Hamilton Gardens for future generations

Purpose of Hamilton Gardens Management Plan

The Vision of this Plan is to support the creation of a world class garden that enhances Hamilton’s reputation, economy and quality of life. The plan defines the strategies, objectives and policies for the development, operation, management and public use of Hamilton Gardens.

The Hamilton Gardens Management Plan has been prepared to meet the requirements of the Reserves Act (1977). The Act defines the purpose, general form and process of public consultation for development and reviews of Management Plans. It also requires the classification of the reserve to ensure management and development are appropriate for the classified principal purpose. The Hamilton Gardens site is classified as Recreation Reserve. The adjacent Hamilton East Cemetery is classified as Local Purpose Reserve - Cemetery and is managed under the Hamilton cemeteries Management Plan.

The Hamilton Gardens Management Plan recognises the importance of working in partnership with Iwi and Mana Whenua on the future development of the Hamilton Gardens to ensure their continuing relationship with, and aspirations for, the whenua, Waikato Awa, flora and fauna. 

It is important that the expression of Maaori culture and traditions are appropriately recognised and achieved through the implementation of the Management Plan.

Management Plans provide a link between Government legislation, wider Council plans and policies, and detailed operational plans and standards specific to Hamilton Gardens. This Management Plan will influence other planning and management processes.

The previous operative management plan was approved in 2014. Normally a management plan wouldn’t be reviewed within five years, however the review has been triggered by three issues:

  • The extension of Wairere Drive is being constructed on land that was part of the Hamilton Gardens site, and a small area eastern end of the Gardens will become a separate riverside park. The ‘Recreation Reserve’ classification of these areas will need to be updated to reflect these changes.
  • A new long-term development plan for the Hamilton Gardens has been developed, and some of the proposed projects from the plan require amendments to the Management Plan.
  • New options for generating revenue to offset development and operating costs may be explored, including the option to introduce visitor charges