The Time Traveller's Guide to Hamilton Gardens

Imagine travelling through time simply by walking through a garden. That's the vision of the brilliant mind behind Hamilton Gardens' breathtaking landscape in his new book ‘The Time Traveller’s Guide to Hamilton Gardens’ by Peter Sergel, the mastermind behind and original director of Hamilton Gardens.

Through captivating storytelling and stunning photography by Grant Sheehan, 'The Time Traveller’s Guide to Hamilton Gardens' shares the all the hidden secrets and fascinating histories behind each garden at Hamilton Gardens.

From its humble beginnings as a rubbish dump to its status as a world-renowned attraction, Hamilton Gardens has undergone a remarkable transformation under Sergel's guidance. With over four decades of dedication, Sergel has developed a collection of unique gardens that tell the story of humanity through time.

Retiring in 2020 provided Sergel with the opportunity to reflect on his life's work, culminating in this comprehensive and remarkable book.

A page from the book The Time Traveller's Guide to Hamilton Gardens

As you flip through the pages of this coffee-table book, you'll discover the beautiful meanings and rich narratives woven into the story of Hamilton Gardens, offering readers a deeper appreciation of their significance.

Available to purchase from the Hamilton Gardens Information Centre. When you purchase this book, you’re not only getting a great read, but you’re also supporting the growth and enhancement of Hamilton Gardens. All proceeds from book sales will benefit this exceptional place.

For more information visit the book’s website:

Looking across the garden beds towards the fountain in the Italian Renaissance Garden at Hamilton Gardens

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