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Pre-booked tours

If you are an organised group you may want to take a pre-booked tour with one of our volunteer guides. The tours are provided by members of the Friends of Hamilton Gardens and all proceeds go towards future development projects at Hamilton Gardens.

Specialist guides can be arranged for specific groups with special requirements, such as a Mandarin speaker or a knowledgeable horticulturalist.

Alternatively you may wish to download a free map of Hamilton Gardens and take a self-guided tour.


Up to 10 people $50.00 per group
11 to 25 people $100.00 per group
26+ people $150.00 per group
School groups $2 per person

Make a booking

To book a tour phone (64) 07 838 6782, fax (64) 07 838 6801 or email bookings.gardens "at" hcc.govt.nz